(Genome Research 8: 817-825, 1998)


Stefania Bortoluzzi, Luca Rampoldi, Barbara Simionati, Rosanna Zimbello, Alessandro Barbon, Fabio d'Alessi, Natascia Tiso, Alberto Pallavicini, Stefano Toppo, Nicola Cannata, Giorgio Valle, Gerolamo Lanfranchi, Gian Antonio Danieli

Disclaimer: HMGM is based on data downloaded from the UniGene server on August 17th, 1998. We have chosen not to update the HMGM maps, to keep the data pool as it was when our work was published on Genome Research. If you need the updated maps of this tissue, please access the GETMaps or the GETProfiles pages instead.

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Maps created on Aug, 1998.

The Human Muscle Gene Map  is the most comprehensive and updated high-resolution expression map of human skeletal muscle.

The map has been constructed by using mapping data of entries from the UniGene database, obtained from three adult skeletal muscle cDNA libraries (#24: STRATAGENE CAT.#936215, #272: STRATAGENE CAT. #937209 and #500: HM3).

The map distances are expressed in Mb from the top of each cromosome. The map position of the reference markers has been obtained from Location Database (LDB).

The Human Muscle Gene Map has been produced by the collaborative work of the Human Genetics Unit of the Department of Biology and the CRIBI Biotechnology Center, University of Padua.
This work, co-ordinated by G.A. Danieli, has been entirely supported by TELETHON-Italy as a part of a project on identification of skeletal muscle genes (grant no. B30 to G. Lanfranchi and G. Valle).  

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