Released January, 14th, 1999

  • The human retina trancriptional profile. To analyze the transcriptional activity of the retina human tissue, the number of ESTs corresponding to each UniGene entry, found in the considered cDNA libraries were counted, on the assumption that the larger is the number of retina ESTs reported per entry, the more active should be in the tissue the corresponding gene. This number represents the best available estimate of the abundance of each individual transcript in the retina mRNA population and it is referred here as "level of expression" of each gene. The relative contribution of a given gene to the retina transcriptional activity is expressed by the ratio between the number of ESTs corresponding to that gene and the total number of ESTs corresponding to all the genes included in the data set.

  • Expression of retina genes in other tissues. The presence of retina genes in other human tissues was assessed by considering each UniGene entry belonging to the data set and by recording in which additional tissues the ESTs reported in that particular entry were found.

  • Data retrieval. The retrieval of UniGene entries belonging to the four most copious not normalized nor subtracted cDNA libraries from normal adult retina (Lib.177, Lib.178, Lib.228 and Lib.313) produced a data set of 4,975 putative unique human genes.

    The catalogue of these 4,975 genes, including both the retina-specific gene transcripts and transcripts expressed as well in other tissues, provides the best representation of the transcriptome of the retina, according to available information.

  • The catalogue of 4,975 genes or ESTs reported in UniGene as belonging to cDNA libraries from retina is provided. Each entry is shown along with UniGene ID, gene description, estimated level of expression in retina and information on expression in additional human adult tissues.

  • Reference   Bortoluzzi S., d'Alessi F., Danieli G.A., "A novel resource for the study of genes expressed in the adult human retina", Invest.Ophth.Vis.Sci. (in press)

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