Last update November, 13th, 2000.

This site presents transcriptional profiles of human tissues, reconstructed by a computational approach based on retrieval and analysis of UniGene data.

All the data presented in this website were mined from UniGene, by a set of dedicated computer programs. The first program sends to the UniGene database server a continuous flow of standard http queries, pertaining a library or a group of selected libraries. The UniGene records, sent back by the remote server, are collected by the same program and eventually merged in a single dataset, removing the redundancy. Subsequently, a second program analyzes the different fields of each record and sorts out the entries according a selected criterium. For instance, for the present work, the field 'EST SEQUENCES' was selected. The same program carries out computations, when required, while the third program produces the final webpages.

This set of software tools is in its final stage of development. As soon as it will be completed and published, it will be made available to Academics both for usage and download.
At the moment the usage of the software is offered free of charge to Academics, simply by contacting the webmaster (

Available Transcriptional Profiles
Cardiac Muscle (June, 26th, 2000) Introduction In press Profile
Retina (January, 14th, 2000) Introduction Reference Profile
Skeletal Muscle (July, 9th, 1999) Introduction Reference Profile

Updated Transcriptional Profiles (queries of August, 22nd, 2000)   New!
Skeletal Muscle

The information contained in this site is partially still unpublished. Scientists willing to use part of this database for their publications are kindly requested to contact Prof. G.A.Danieli.

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