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ARCA is a non-profit organization, supporting research on Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy.
The organization, based in Padua (Italy) was established in 1992, thanks to donations from families and from companies.
Presently ARCA mainly supports clinical research in Italian Hospitals.

President: Professor Gaetano THIENE, MD
Address: via Gabelli 86, I-35121 PADOVA (Italy)
Phone and Fax : -39 049 876 2176
Current Account: 740/907678/B CARIPARO AG.16 (CAB 12197, ABI 6225)

ARCA (Associazione per la Ricerca sulle Cardiomiopatie Aritmogene) e' stata fondata nel 1992 con lo scopo di raccogliere fondi da destinare alla ricerca scientifica e clinica sulle cardiomiopatie responsabili di morte improvvisa giovanile. Ha potuto finora fruire di donazioni di privati e di aziende.

Presidente: Professor Gaetano THIENE
Sede: via Gabelli 86, I-35121 PADOVA (Italy)
Telefono e Fax : -39 049 876 2176
Conto Corrente: 740/907678/B CARIPARO AG.16 (CAB 12197, ABI 6225)


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