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ARVD research in Padua.

In the University Medical School of Padua (Italy), a multidisciplinary group (genetics, cardiology, pathology) is actively working on this subject.

To date, 50 ARVD autopsy cases were studied by the group leaded by prof. G. Thiene, at the Pathology Department.
About one hundred ARVD patients are being followed up by professor A. Nava at the Cardiology Department.
In the laboratory of Human Genetics headed by prof. G.A. Danieli, the loci ARVD1, ARVD2, ARVD4 and ARVD8 were mapped in the last 9 years, and two disease genes were identified for ARVD2 and ARVD8.

Presently, the research is addressed to the identification of other ARVD genes and to the resolution of genetic and clinical heterogeneity.

Scientists and Medical Doctors willing to collaborate may contact Prof.G.A.Danieli (e-mail: danieli@bio.unipd.it) for information.

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