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ARVD and Sport.

In a recent study on 1642 competitive athletes (average 25.5 yr-old.) manifesting cardiac arrhythmias, one hundred and one athletes (90 males, 11 females, aver. 25.9 yr.) were found to be affected by ARVD on the basis of the WHO/ISFC diagnostic criteria. The same percentage (about 6%) of ARVD is present in both the general arrhythmic athletes population and in the subgroup of 136 top level athletes included in the study. Prevalence of ARVD among athletes with cardiac arrest or sudden death is high (respectively 23% and 25%), confirming the observation that ARVD is one of the major causes of sudden death in Italian athletes. All cases of cardiac arrest were exertion-related, indicating that the effort may induce electrical destabilisation in subjects with ARVD. Therefore, sport activity should be proscribed in subjects with documented ARVD (Furlanello et al.1998).

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